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Devonport Dash

So we meet again Devonport! A race where I’ve had a mix of lows and highs the past few years.

From being disqualified in 2018 for not knowing I couldn’t put my helmet back on my bike, to finishing fourth last year and what was at the time my best result to date, there’s been some memories here.

I was stoked to get on the start list for this one, as it was the first World Paratriathlon Series for the year, and a good opportunity to race against a quality field on home soil.

Whilst Tassie really turned on the Tassie weather the first few days, conditions turned out pretty well on race day, despite the wind.

I’ll jump straight in. With the late afternoon start and the wind, I was looking forward to a really fun ocean swim, as there’s nothing I like more than racing in the ocean. Was really happy with my swim and how it went, coming out with the front of the pack, and more importantly, faster than training partner Dave Bryant (one day mate!)

Heading out on the bike was pretty rough thanks to some serious wind – as my Mum would say “the wind was fierce!” A serious headwind meant a really nice tailwind on the way home which is always welcomed. Six long laps later, and I was done, and luckily had stayed vertical the whole time, not something I’m generally known for. On another note on bike, this was the first race I’d managed to get to and from the race with no bike issues! As bike issues or fits seem to be my race-week tradition, I’m glad to hopefully have shaken that habit for good (touch wood).

Going off onto the run, I felt better than I expected, with having a bit of an up and down few weeks of running leading into the race, I knew it was going to be pretty brutal. As has been the case as of late, I began to get swallowed up by the competition the longer the run went. Coming into the finish chute realising I had a 10-second penalty for mounting my bike too early was a bitter pill to swallow. It meant I had to sprint and eventually be outsprinted on the line to finish the day in 10th place.

I can’t say I wasn’t annoyed with myself about the finish after the race, but once that passed it was good to see things are still progressing in the right direction, and slowly getting closer and closer to where I want to be at the pointy end of the race.

Onto the next one. Cheers

Photo credit: @dellyphotoninja

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