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Liam Does Lausanne

As usual a little late to the party on the blog and race report, but better late than never!

If you’ve been following along through out the year, you might remember for my last race in Canada, I snuck in at the last moment only a few days prior and despite that, had a fairly decent result. That was a really great turn of events, because thanks to that race and result, I was able to move up the international rankings to a level that made this most recent race possible.

Heading overseas I had looked up the races I wanted to do, and whilst the World Championships in Lausanne was a race I wanted to do more than most, it was one that seemed very unlikely. That was until as mentioned earlier, I pulled one out of nowhere in Canada and improved those chances dramatically. It went from being next to impossible one week, to then looking close to a sure thing the next! Crazy how things can work out.

To end up on the start list straight away, and to be selected by Triathlon Australia was a pretty good day. Now it was time to get my head into the race, as I had really accepted I’d be spectating from home until then.