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This blog is one I’m really looking forward to sharing. I didn’t want to join the masses on the New Year resolutions and throwbacks, so I decided to instead reflect. This blog will look back over the past 12 months since I found myself on the start line for my first triathlon. Without being too dramatic, it was an experience that has helped me build a pretty amazing life in only 12 months.

I guess all good stories start somewhere so off we go. As most people know I’d spent the past few years searching for a sport that I was A) good at, and B) a Paralympic sport, with goals of being an Australian Paralympian in the future. Safe to say this goal has occupied a lot of my head space over the past few years, and no doubt will for years to come. Towards the end of 2017 I was pretty lost in my search. I swam quite a bit, but not very well, and not exactly very fast in the scheme of things, but I loved it. So I was torn because I knew that I could put everything I had into that, and still fall very short of where