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Hyde Park Handicap

Hey gang! Back again today with just a short, sharp review of my even shorter and sharper trip to Sydney this week.

So after a quick month in Melbourne, I was already migrating north over the border, and I must say it was very nice to be back. realising then that it’s possible to have more than one place to call home.

My trip was motivated to attend a Melbourne Cup breakfast, and the inaugural Hyde Park Handicap all organised by Tattersalls & the Black Dog Institute.

Now a quick history lesson for those that didn’t know this (I was one of you too so don’t feel too bad!) – Hyde Park in Sydney was actually the first official horse track in Sydney, over 200 years ago.

So keeping faith with the 3km distance of the Melbourne Cup, and our very own race track across the road, the Hyde Park Handicap was born.

I landed on Monday night, and settled in for a night of the Brownlow Medal (go Dons!), knowing it was a early morning start. My pet hate is being late or rushed in the morning and I slept like a baby, absolutely dead to the world, which is usually very welcomed. This morning, not so much.

I’d managed to somehow sleep through my alarm! Something I’m only capable of about once every twelve months.

Waking up when I was supposed to meet everyone helped me get dressed and out the door as quickly as Muhammad Ali when he would turn his lights out!

My warm-up then consisted of running through the early morning streets in a daze, all whilst brushing my teeth, a feat even I was impressed with.

After a few loops I found the gang, only to have missed my wave by the skin of my teeth, but I’d made it. Phew!

3,2,1..Go! How could you not like that sound? We’re off and running, and straight away the wet city streets almost claimed me due to my blade, Cash, slipping out from under me. I love a bit of risk and competing, so the slippery surface helped create that fine line between sprinting and landing on my arse.

Cash clung on for dear life, as did I and we managed to come home in 15:30 minutes, so no complaints from me there, and it was great to be apart of a great community morning.

Exercise and food go hand in hand in my eyes and combining them is the winning combination. So a beautiful breakfast at Tatts with the Melbourne Cup was great. I’m not a big horse racing man myself, but it was a great privilege to get to hold the cup, whilst wearing a white glove that’d make Michael Jackson jealous!

So all these things above mentioned are the pillars that I use to build a solid foundation in my day-to-day life. Early mornings, (with alarms!) exercising outdoors, healthy food to eat, and a network of people to enjoy it with.

What we do in our mornings shape how the rest of the day goes. You may be lucky like me and love doing those things, or do them begrudgingly but as long as you’re doing them it doesn’t matter!

So it was another great morning at Tatts. A quick thank you goes to the Tattersalls Club, its members, the Black Dog Institute for their love and support this year. Behind this athlete there is a great team. A great coach and team mates, a great home team, and a great home away from home team!

All photo credit to Jason McCormack

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